Saturday, April 18, 2009

April & Facebook

I've been so into Facebook that I keep forgetting to change my blog and write new things.
Hopefully, we are now getting and keeping the warm weather. We have had a lot of snow and rain lately. My grass is nice and green.
I'm so glad that Allen and Karalee's niece is doing well and will make a full recovery from her accident.
Joseph and Sara are excited to see her family next weekend. Her sister, Annie, is going thru the Salt Lake Temple for the first time.
I'm finally healed from the fall I took, but now my sciatica is back so I have to deal with that, but it could be worse.
Joseph is now going to massage therapy school and he gives great massages. In June, Sara will be going to dental assistance school at night and will still teach pre-school during the day.
May 2 is National Scrapbook Day and will be taking classes at my favorite scrapbook store. That night, will be going to a wedding reception down in Orem for a family that was in our ward in CA. Their oldest daughter, Kelli, is getting married, so that will be great seeing them again.
I hope everyone has had a good April and had a good Easter.