Wednesday, March 25, 2009


So far, March has been a month full of fun events, except for one. On the 14th, I was going to a friends, missed a step and down I went on the hard concrete. My right leg is really bruised and I skinned my elbow, but I am healing. I was able to attend the dedication of the Draper Temple at out Stake Center, and it was really spiritual. Joseph celebrated his 25th birthday on the 23rd. Our Relief Society birthday was really fun as we had a service auction, and I am going to my old wards RS birthday tomorrow. I'm really enjoying making cards now, and I am going to a card making class again tonight at my favorite scrapbook store. We had temps in the 70's the first of the month and it snowed again on Monday. I'm really tired of winter, too gloomy.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Boring Life

I kind of have a boring life so I never have a lot to post. I am helping our Relief Society with the birthday next week. We have a lot of birthday's in our family in March, so here is a big Happy Birthday to all of them; Kelsey, Karalee, Sheila, Andy, Joseph and Amy. I am looking forward to seeing the dedication of the Draper Temple, via satellite from our stake center on the 22nd.
We had a lot more snow on Monday, and I am so ready for it to all be over. Spring has to be just around the corner because my tulips are peaking up out of the soil. Anyway, Happy Spring to everyone.