Thursday, May 28, 2009

Hello Again

Well, I am sluffing off writing on my blog again, and again, I blame it on Face Book, after all, it couldn't be my fault (:.
Joseph and Sara's car broke down last Thursday, and they just had it towed to a junk yard. Joseph bought a bike, and they will be using bikes and public transportation to get around, and I pick them up to come over here and do laundry and grocery shopping.
Joseph, Sara, and I went down to Orem the first of the month for Kelli Trousdale's wedding reception. She was in our ward in CA, so we were able to see a few friends from there. Had a great time, and Kelli was a beautiful bride.
My Father in-law will be 93 on June 4, and he is still doing pretty well for being on his own.
I've been doing OK. I go to card making classes once a month, which is a lot of fun for me. Have enjoyed planting flowers in my yard. I'm glad I have Travis to mow the lawn and do other yard work.
Hopefully, it won't be too long before I post again.


Annette said...

That is too bad about their car. I guess they are going green..(or maybe it is a lack of green that is making them ride bikes and take public transit). It was good to see you last week.

Karalee said...

Glad Joseph figured out a way to get around despite the car troubles.